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About Us

AstralENERGY™ companies globally focus on Public-Private Partnerships with nations to offer Development, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (D&EPC) for significant infrastructure and energy systems. This provides essential support to establish a country's economic foundation and foster growth through International Trade & Development, particularly with the United Arab Emirates via our contractual processes. We are dedicated to executing world-class projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, fulfill the objectives of COP28, adhere to the IEA standards, and comply with the Paris Accord. These commitments are vital for our future, our children, our clients, shareholders, and subsequent generations. As UN Contractors (656601 & 846588), and as members of both the International Trade Council and the International Energy Agency, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in delivering premier Global Development & Infrastructure.


Beginning as a modest engineering firm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, in 1992, we expanded into a conglomerate that formed AstralENERGY™ Renewables Ltd. in 2011. AstralENERGY™ Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd. pioneered numerous innovative concepts, such as multijunction wide spectrum cell technology, the NeXT GEN interconnection system, and the ConNeXTion glass mounted raceway systems, among other patented and copyrighted designs. In 2015, we relocated the business to the Middle East to capitalize on the strategic advantage of being closer to key markets and customers. The foundation of our business has always been the relationships we foster with our customers.


We are fortunate to reside and operate in a nation that is unmatched globally for its leadership, resourcefulness, talent, financial expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, and which boasts a rich history, culture, and dynamic lifestyle. In the United Arab Emirates, we take pride in having outstanding partners who assist us in effecting genuine and enduring changes in the nations where we collaborate and operate. It is crucial for us to establish a lasting legacy that reflects our commitment to equipping both current and future generations with the necessary tools for sustainable development and a perpetual future. AstralENERGY™ represents the future of connected, dynamic power and structures, epitomizing sustainable and intelligent infrastructure.

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