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AstralENERGY is both a Developer and an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor focusing on three primary areas;

Renewable Energy (wind, solar, hydro) -  Sustainable & Intelligent  Infrastructure - Smart City Initiatives


Although we can customize client engagements our primary engagement models are;

Owner Build-out / Development

We design and build-out the project for the long-term benefit of the owner OR develop a project for ourselves, either solely or under partnership.

Investor 3rd Party

We act on behalf of the investors to ensure proper engineering and build-out of projects the investor is funding for another party.  This provides the investor confidence the project will be executed in a cost effective and professional manner using proper materials and meeting all regulations.

Conventional Investment

The investor funds projects owned and built by AstralENERGY at the return agreed between the investor and AstralENERGY.

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