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Leadership Team

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Richard Boswell

Partner and CEO

Richard Boswell is the Chief Executive Officer of AstralENERGY 


With over 25 years of management experience working with companies of various sizes from start-ups through Fortune 10 listed organizations globally he has a breadth of experience most companies struggle to find. His vast array of experience includes multiple industries, ranging from financial services, automotive manufacturing, information technology, retail, and consulting. He has held key positions providing him with the responsibility of overseeing different strategic functions such as information technology, investment analysis, financial planning, process improvement, sales and technology evaluation.


In August of 2018, Mr. Boswell joined the AstralENERGY Solar Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. as the Interim Chief Executive Officer with the express vision to help AstralENERGY realize its multi-billion-dollar potential.

Mr. Boswell holds BBA and an Executive MBA from Northwood University in addition to his Doctoral Studies in Strategy and Innovation Management. His understanding of both political and highly technical business strategy applications guide AstralENERGY.

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Michael Levesque

Partner & CTO, Dplm. ING, M.Sc. Eng., P. Des., CET, ME

Michael is the President & Chief Technical Officer of AstralENERGY.

He started his career with General Electric at the large motors and generators division and rapidly progressed to the main project and design offices in New York. While in New York, Michael took advanced studies at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and MIT. He then transferred on work assignment with GE Energy to Hong Kong and attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he earned a Master of Science in Information Systems specializing in Electronic Engineering with Solid State Devices. Michael continued to work for GE building many hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wind and nuclear power production facilities.


Michael founded AstralENERGY in 2011 and has spent the last nine years perfecting solar cells, panel designs and beneficial projects for the world release of a new and improved solar technology with the intent of changing the face of renewable energy on a global scale.


Michael holds a number of engineering & business degrees from several top-ranked universities.  He is at the heart of AstralENERGY’s operations, products, technology, and engineering; and has built over 12500MW in Wind Power Generation, 17500MW of Solar Power and 134,000MW of Thermal / Geothermal Energy.

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