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Managing Personnel

Richard in suit - headshot 2023 - SQ.jpg

Richard A. Boswell, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Partner

In August of 2018, Richard joined AstralENERGY™ with the express vision to help the company realize its multi-billion-dollar potential. With over 25 years of management experience working with companies of various sizes from start-ups through Fortune 10 listed organizations. His vast array of experience includes multiple industries, ranging from financial services, automotive manufacturing, information technology, retail, and consulting.

Victor Calleja 2.jpg

Victor F. Calleja, BASc

Director Business Development Middle East & Africa (MENA)

Victor has been a part of the company for 14+ years and has been involved in many of the various meetings, key presentations, and contractual negotiations. His ongoing liaison with government and industry has been instrumental in the development of various projects. Malta, Victor’s homeland, is currently in negotiations for partnership

Chris 2.jpg

Chris Demers, BSc, MCSE

Director IT Systems, Informatics & Mobile Communications

Chris is a highly skilled network and communications engineer with a focus on quantized databases, server and systems administration, RF telecommunications, blockchain information systems, and cyber security. He holds multiple designations and has years of hands on experience. He fixes expresso machines in his spare time.

Mike Cropped - SQ.jpg

M. P. Levesque, Dplm ING, MSc Eng, P. Des, CET, CID, ME  

President & Chief Technical Officer, Founder, UN Contractor, UN OPS, IEA, Fellow ITC

Michael is the heart and soul of AstralENERGY™; since founding the company in 2011. He sets the strategy, provides leadership, liaisons with governments, is active in the international community and is very hands on with all engineering & design, purchasing, planning, construction and operations. He holds two Masters of Engineering in Electrical & Civil Infrastructure & Planning

Key Personnel

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-29 at 16.55.29_f4b6f606.jpg

Lucas N. Nacusi Gutierrez, BA

Director Business Development Argentina & Latin America (LATAM)

Lucas is a relatively fresh face at the company. He is highly driven and motivated by positive change that is currently happening in his native homeland – The Republic of Argentina. Lucas has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is always pushing himself to develop further. He is a key part of the LATAM Astral team and is responsible for governmental relations.

PNG Expert Team

Waimir Elivis Thoke.jpg

Waimir Elvis Thoke Pangali

Chief Legal Advisor, Principal MCT Lawyers, Licensed Legal Barrister, Juris Doctorate

Elvis is a key resource in Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea for the structuring of contracts, working out key concessions with land, title, immigration, customs, and dealing with the various sections of law and statute that are required to both protect the company and move things forward strategically with the government, stakeholders and landowners.

Emmanuel Donigi Walihap - SQ.png

Emmanuel Donigi Walihap

Government Liaison, Mining & Energy, Dept. of Mines & Geohazards, Licensed Legal Barrister

Emmanuel is extremely hands on. He works for the Department of Geohazzards and Mine Management for the Government of Papua New Guinea when he is not busy developing the country with AstralENERGY. Emmanuel is a very smart, dedicated and astute lawyer with a good heart that has a vested interest in the economic development of Papua New Guinea.

Brian Yamoe_edited.png

Hon. Brian Yamoe, MP

PNG Parliamentary Consultant & Member of the House

Brian is a key asset in POM, Port Moresby, National Capital District. Not only does he reside in the area and know all of the businesses, government offices, and the various local protocols, but he has worked in parliament for years and has beneficial connections to all of the various national & provincial departments and personnel.

Moshe Arad Abed - LLB.jpg

Moshe Arad Abed

Master Businessman, Entrepreneur, Retired Licensed Legal Barrister, Director of Smiles

Moshe enjoys life. His passions are helping people, playing with his grandson and tinkering with his passions. He is actively engaged with AstralENERGY building business development in Israel, Thailand, and Australia, where he emigrated in 1993. Moshe is an experienced lawyer with a worldly travel history and a love of culture & history. He is a treasure.

Board: Investors & Shareholders 

Dr Eteer SQ.png

Dr. Mustafa S. Eteer, MD

Board of Advisors, Business Risk, Shareholder

Dr. Mustafa Saleem Steer is not only a skilled pediatrician but, the founder of the Center for Disease Control Africa in Tripoli, Libya. His entrepreneurial spirit helped him to found Golden Poultry and continues to this day as the Chairman, member of the Arab Authority for Agriculture Investment & Development and a skilled advisor.

maria li.jpg

Hongmei Li, MSc, PMP

Board of Advisors, HR & Business, Shareholder

Hongmei, Maria, is an exceptionally talented HR professional. She is adept at dealing with personnel issues both internal to the company and external with the various governments, regulatory bodies, partner companies and suppliers that we employ to build a better world with technology and innovation.

Greg Burghardt.jpg

Greg Burghardt, MBA, P.Eng.

Chairman Board of Advisors, Entrepreneur, Shareholder

Greg is a seasoned businessman & engineer, making him an exceptional advisor for AstralENERGY. Canadian, Greg moved to Europe in 2020. His career, full of innovation & sustainability, includes founding an award-winning engineering firm, Arrow Engineering, a number of international business operations, & strategic guidance of AstralENERGY.

Board: Advisors & Guidance


Muhummad Nawaz Khan Jadoon

Board of Advisors - Finance, Banking & Entrepreneurship

The Honorable Muhummad Nawaz Khan Jadoon is one of the most respected local and international financial advisors from the UAE. Muhummad is heavily involved in real estate, construction, supply chains and logistics as well as finance, banking, trade instruments, and cryptoassets.

Anas Bataw - SQ.jpg

Dr. Anas Bataw, PhD, MEng

Board of Advisors - Technology & Engineering, Strategy, United Nations, World Economic Forum

Dr. Anas is a key member of UN and WEF Technology Committees. Playing a vital role driving Innovations and Technology in MENA, Singapore and UK, contributing to the development and delivery of National and Organizational strategies, standards and initiatives. He represents the LIA Fund

Abhijit Sankar - SQ.jpg

Abhijit Sarkar, BComm, MBA

Board of Advisors - Asset & Fund Management

Abhijit Sarkar is the founder of eVery Investment Funds SPC a Singapore based independent, globally focused invest tech Co. established in 2022. Prior he was a Portfolio MGR at Hamon Asset Mgt Ltd. HK, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon and a PM at Birla Sun Life Asset Management Limited. He is an active climate enthusiast and father of three.

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