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Development & Growth

Building the Minds of Tomorrow Today

AstralENERGY is involved in many initiatives to further develop current technologies, build and develop further sustainable initiatives and provide opportunities for the development of our next generation. These initiatives showcase our commitment to the global community, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we give back both locally and globally.

Hugh Barter is a young up and coming racecar driver currently competing in the Formula 4 Series of open wheel, high speed racing. He is a young Australian Driver who has a dream of competing at the Formula 1 Circuit and one day becoming a World Campion – in our eyes he already is. Part of race car design is pushing the car to run faster, more efficiently with lower emissions, higher fuel economy and achieve not just a faster car but, better performance with higher efficiency. It is our pleasure to help this young man strive for his dream while also furthering the world class development of engine technology and possibly converting to all electric vehicular racing.

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