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AstralENERGY™ is a vertically integrated developer primarily focused on public private partnerships with world nations in emerging and underdeveloped markets. Initially started as a Canadian Federal Corporation, now Global, and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. AstralENERGY™ is a Tier 1 UN Contractor in both North America (656601) and the Middle East (846588), a Member of UN OPS, an active member of the International Trade Council, trusted members of The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry and, has more than 30years of experience, over 18,000MW of planning, designing, constructing and operating intelligent sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy assets. Most partner nations are heavily reliant on fossil fuel powered baseload energy. AstralENERGY™ specializes in the design, development and operation of long-term viable baseload energy created from renewable and sustainable sources incorporating energy storage allowing for twenty-four-hour generation. This meets not only the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations but, reduces the expensive on the use of gas, diesel or oil-fired generators for spinning reserves and baseload energy.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to develop the key resource of energy storage with both density and capacity. Our worldwide partner, Siemens Energy GMBH, provides us with a containerized storage solution using patented technology with high output power and huge depth of charge. This unique energy storage allows us to build in succinct 5MW output blocks with 100MW hours of stored energy. Our partnership with SMA Solar Technologies provides us with the most advanced and best in class hybrid inverter systems that allow us to both store energy and produce our grid nameplate maximum at the same time. Our long-term partnership with Zhongli Talesun Solar Co. Ltd. not only builds upon our commitment to further advancement but, is focused on the production of maximum energy in concentrated reduced areas in order to better deliver utility scale power in an unprecedented fashion. Even our specialized tracking systems are designed to maximize the conversion of radiation into energy, adapt to any landscape,  allow for a faster build, provide fire protection, cushion against seismic shock, and still be one of the quietest, most efficient generation systems on the planet.

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